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Dallas County 9-1-1 GIS Data

Need a 911 address for your new residence?

 Dallas County 911 is here to assist you with this process.

  • The location of the driveway must be the permenant location and must be established.
  • The location of the residence must be identified with either foundation-work, utilities, or development of the structure in place.


  • Call 417-345-1999 ext. 2
  • Be prepared to provide the exact location of the new landmark information (including parcel number, driveway location, and structure location information).
  • Address requests require on-site GPS data collection and may take up to one month before the information is generated.
  • Note that 911 addressing databases are separate from third-party mapping databases and are strictly for emergency and postal services.







The link to Geographic Information System (GIS) pages include .zip files of the GIS data being used by Dallas County 9-1-1. A GIS reader program is needed to access the information and requires familiarity with the types of files and the software necessary to access those files and information. Dallas County 9-1-1 does not provide any type of technical assistance or support for the GIS information provided. The GIS information is provided "As Is" and without guarantee of accuracy or suitability for use of any entity outside of Dallas County Government.