Pre-Employment Testing

Typing Test

Applicant testing will be given the test on a stationary computer using a typing program. All applicants will receive the same test so they may be scored equally. Applicant must score at least 30WPM to move on to the skills test portion.

Skills Test

The applicants that qualified on the typing test will take three skill tests. The tests will be determined and administered by the Dispatch Supervisor. All applicants will receive the same tests. Each test is worth a total of 20 points. The applicant must have an average score of 15 to move on to the Orientation. The applicant will be invited to attend an Orientation/Profile Exam. They will be given a Job Facts Document, to read over, before the day of Orientation.

Job Facts Document

The document will explain the skills and knowledge needed for the position.

Orientation/Profile Exam

A time and date for the Orientation/Exam will be given to the qualifying applicants, before they leave from the skills test. The Orientation will be handled by a dispatcher, other than the Dispatch Supervisor, affording applicants the opportunity to ask questions concerning the Job Facts Document. The dispatcher in charge of the Orientation will be given a brief outline of topics to cover.

A Profile Exam will be given after the Orientation. The exam will be purchased from Profile Evaluations, Inc.

The test will be scored after the applicant leaves. Scores will be evaluated and qualifying applicants will be asked to continue to the Interview Board.

Interview Board

The interview board will consist of the Dispatch Supervisor, a Shift Leader, and a Telecommunicator II. The board will ask the applicants scripted questions and record their answers. After each interview, the interview board will fill out a basic survey on each applicant, designed to help later when discussing the applicant. The interview board will meet after all applicants have been interviewed to make their recommendations to the Director.

Urine Drug Screen/Background Investigation

The applicant, who has been recommended to the Director, will be asked to participate in a urine drug screen with-in the next two business days. During this time, a background investigation will be done including a criminal background check, past employment history, personal references, and a credit check.

Psychological Exam (When locally Available)

A Psychological Exam will be given to the applicant. The exam will be a written test followed by a standard set of questions. The test will be given by a local Psychologist or Psychiatrist, who will also perform an interview. The results will be included in the applicants file.

Director Interview and Conditional Offer

The applicant will be given a final interview with the Director after they have passed the Urine Drug Screen and Psychological exam. At this interview the Director will give the applicant an offer of employment. This offer will include a 180 day performance probationary period. If the employee is filling a full-time position, they will be eligible for benefits after 90 days. The applicants pay rate will begin at the current starting wage. If the applicant has communications experience or other experience the center will benefit from, the director can consider an increase in the starting wage. The new employee will be expected to begin work on the date of the expected opening, or as soon as possible, if the opening has already occurred, but in no case, later than three weeks after the offer.