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Message from the Director


The citizens, visitors, and public safety personnel of Dallas County are provided effective and efficient communication services through the Dallas County 911 Communications Center on a 24/7 continuous basis. Each Telecommunicator of Dallas County 911 utilizes an array of equipment and software programs to quickly process each type of incident and dispatch the appropriate agency to any emergency.

“As the Executive Director of Dallas County 911, I envision impacting this community as much as possible utilizing all of the services provided by the 911 communication center and I look forward to leading this team to greatness.


The dispatchers and staff strive every day to help the citizens, visitors, and public safety personnel of our county; each and every one of them are very integral in making us safe. I am proud of the achievements made by previous administration and the board of directors as the communications center continuously operates smoothly and efficiently. The amount of stress placed on each Telecommunicator is tremendous; it is their job to calmly and effectively process and relay the limited information provided by a caller.


The field of public safety, in general, is a thankless job, but the men and women who dedicate their lives to serve the public should be recognized for their service. In the event you call 911 for an emergency, I encourage you to thank the 911 operator, if at all possible, and remember that they truly do care about you.”



    Duane Hamilton


Contact Information

Office Phone: (417)-345-1999 Ext.4

Email: DHamilton@dallascomo911.us


For an incident that involves anything other than a threat to Life or Property, call our 

Non-Emergency number 417-345-1999 and press "1".
Your call will be answered by a
telecommunicator as soon as possible.

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