Education and Awareness

Calling 9-1-1




Dallas County 911 is proud to serve the community and proud to provide communication support in times of emergencies. The Dallas County 911 dispatchers are trained extensively to handle an array of emergency situations. Dispatchers realize that they are not immediately affected by an emergency; however, it is important for callers to remain calm when a calling 911. 


Most people only dial 9-1-1 once or twice in their lifetimes. This experience can be frightening. It is important to remember that the job of dispatchers is to gather the necessary information to make appropriate decisions and to send the correct emergency personnel for the situation.   


 Save 911:

Because of the recent economic downturn many residents across the nation have been moving towards the use cellular phones as primary means of communication, replacing traditional home phones. Since Missouri is the only state that does not mandate a 911 fee on cell phones, 911 centers within Missouri have been struggling with funding.

Senate Bill 966 has addressed the current issue in lack of funds for 911 centers in Missouri and proposes a means of accountability and service. Please contact your Missouri Senator and pass your support to them.


For more information about 911 systems and how you can support 911 centers throughout Missouri, please click on the following link.   


Phone Survey:

Let us know what your thoughts are on Senate Bill 966 by taking a quick one-question survey







For an incident that involves anything other than a threat to Life or Property, call our 

Non-Emergency number 417-345-1999 and press "1".
Your call will be answered by a
telecommunicator as soon as possible.